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NSCA Certified Shotgun Shooting Instructor
NSCA Certified Shotgun Shooting Instructor

Skeetfield & Shooting Facilites

A skeet and trap range by Carl Patteson Construction will offer a great deal of enjoyment while developing and fine tuning your sporting skills. While you can always drop money at an established shooting range, if you are a shooting enthusiast, your very own skeet and trap range may be a better solution for you.

Not only will Carl Patteson Construction develop and build your skeetfield or shooting facility, Carl Patteson also offers instructions and training on shooting. Carl Patteson is an NSCA Certified Shotgun Shooting Instructor and as with any firearm training, safety is number one! Carl Patteson adds that if you can see the target with either normal eyesight or corrected vision and have average coordination, you can learn to hit a moving target with a shotgun-and will hit the target.

The important things to learn in shooting at moving targets are: proper stance, correct gun mounting, the right sight alignment, the need to lead the target, and the importance of swing and follow-through.

Contact Carl Patteson today to inquire about your own skeetfield & shooting facility and about our shotgun shooting training.

A small sample of some of our Skeetfield & Shooting Facilites

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Carl Patteson Construction skeetfield services ensures you that there will be practically no difference between your skeet range and the ones the pros shoot at competition.

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